Payment/Refund Policy

Payment Policy

Charges / Fees

Websites from Moneo Medical Informatics are designed to save your clinic money. They help you reduce staff time by providing answers to routine questions, such as office hours, where you are located, and what services you provide. Our websites are also priced well below other clinic website service providers.

Payments and Processing

All payments are in CAD, and can be made by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, or cheque. For any billing-related questions, please contact us.

Changes To Your Website

If you want changes to your website at any time, that service is available on an ongoing basis through our Support Team. Since all website packages are billed on an annual subscription service for a flat fee, there are no extra fees for change requests. You can make content updates as needed throughout the year for no extra charge.

If you are requesting a change that will bring you into another tier of website services, you will be billed for the difference between what you were charged for the lower tiered service, and the new higher tier of service at the time of the upgrade. To see what is included in each website service package, please visit our pricing page.

Refund Policy

When you sign up for a website, you will be contacted by Moneo staff to approve a custom domain name (the website’s URL address) prior to its purchase. Once you have approved the name, that portion (the first $100) of the purchase is non-refundable. For providing and managing the website, all fees are available for full refund until Moneo sends the confirmation email that your site is live. From that date you have 5 business days to cancel the purchase and receive a full refund. No refund is available more than 5 business days after notification that you site is complete and functioning.

Refunds will be provided only if written notice of cancellation is received within the specified time frame. Such notification must be submitted to